About Us

Who Is Beauty By Shea

Our interest in healthy life and organic products lead us to discovering the wonderful purity and luxuriousness of raw unrefined¬† Organic Shea Butter from Ghana.¬† After falling in love with Shea Butter’s natural healing, and powerful nourishing ability we wanted to provide a way to share the beauty of Raw Organic Shea Butter with others.

In order to provide the purest Shea Butter for our clients and to “feel good” about how we source our Organic Shea Butter From Ghana we teamed up with a wonderful importer that pays the Tribal Women who make the Shea Butter DIRECTLY.¬† This ensures we are bettering the lives of the amazing Tribal Women who work extremely hard to produce this beautiful Shea Butter.

We hope you enjoy our Beauty By Shea 100% Raw, Unrefined Organic Shea Butter!